Become a Sponsor of EFNT!

EFNT has several opportunities for you or your company to support our year-round efforts to provide our unique programs, services and opportunities that make a beneficial impact on our community.


$25,000 (3-year commitment)

  • TOP recognition on EVERYTHING printed and electronic including newsletters, email blasts, event notices, service project notices, press releases
  • Prominent logo placement on EFNT website
  • Prominent logo placement on ALL event collateral and signage
  • Membership for 3 years



  • Recognition as a lead event sponsor for Freedom Day AND Spirit
  • Prominent logo placement on sponsored event-related print and electronic collateral for the two most highly publicized EFNT events
  • Prominent logo recognition on EFNT Website
  • Name in event press releases
  • 1-year membership included



  • Recognition as PNP Sponsor at each event with signage
  • Freedom Day sponsor recognition
  • Logo in all electronic PNP notifications/reminders sent throughout the year
  • Logo recognition on EFNT website and calendar postings
  • 1-year membership included


$5,000 (1 @ $5k or 2 @ $2500)

  • Recognition as Roundtable Sponsor with signage at each of 4 events
  • Logo in all electronic Roundtable notifications/reminders
  • Logo recognition website and calendar postings
  • 1-year membership (with single $5k sponsor)


$1,000 – $15,000

  • Sponsorship benefits vary year to year
  • Visit the Spirit of Entrepreneurship event page to learn more


$1,000 – $20,000

  • Sponsorship benefits vary year to year
  • Visit the Freedom Day event page to learn more