Engagement Captain of the Year Award


Nominate your company’s Engagement Captain for the 2015 Engagement Captain of the Year Award!

The Engagement Captain is EFNT’s internal point of contact within a Member Company who is responsible for helping the company be good corporate citizens by:

  • liaising with the senior management to identify EFNT events in which to participate
  • disseminating EFNT information to co-workers
  • inspiring and mobilizing the employees to attend EFNT programs
  • encouraging adoption of business practices that enhance community impact (e.g. recycling, Volunteer Time Off policies, volunteer recognition, Dollars for Doers)
  • attending the EFNT Practitioner Roundtables and other meetings

A few important details:

  • You can nominate an individual or a committee (if your company uses a committee approach to community efforts internally) from within the EFNT Network. You may still have to list a person from the group, but in your description mention that it’s a committee with all member names. This Award process is not open to anyone not connected to EFNT.
  • We will accept self-nominations and nominations submitted for others.
  • Deadline for nominations is Friday, August 28; Awards Ceremony will take place on September 11, 2015 at Freedom Day.
  • Please plan to complete the nomination in one step. There is no way to save it and continue later.


  • No company is too small or too big to apply.
  • No contribution is too small – so tell us everything!
  • Get creative and have fun with this process – engage your colleagues!
  • Being a good corporate citizen isn’t just about community service, so please tell us about all of the business practices the nominee helps to integrate into the company e.g. recycling programs, volunteer recognition activities, policies that support community involvement including Dollars for Doers and Volunteer Time Off, etc.

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Will your Engagement Captain be next?


2014 Engagement Captain of the Year, Kathy Hoke of Shields Legal Group


2013 Engagement Captain of the Year, Jennifer Bergman of Klemchuk Kubasta.