1A -Dallas Life Volunteers - Serving Lunch to HomelessIt has been a wonderful experience being a member company with Entrepreneurs For North Texas from an Engagement Captain perspective. Roach Howard Smith & Barton has a corporate culture of giving back to our community. EFNT has made it even easier for a company of our size with approximately 60 employees to be good corporate citizens and continue our history of helping our community. EFNT allows us many more opportunities throughout the year to become involved in donating or volunteering than we could plan and organize on our own. The team building of employees from different departments within our organization working alongside each other at volunteer events is invaluable. Another advantage is working alongside other member companies and the networking that this allows. EFNT has helped us to increase our cash donations, in-kind donations, and volunteer hours since becoming a member company. EFNT truly does make it easy to be good corporate citizens.

Roach Howard Smith & Barton